Friday, June 28, 2013

The Things I don't Share :Part 2

I like the idea of sharing things that I would not normally share, so I decided to turn it into a series.  You can see Part One of the things I don't share here.

Just to refresh your memory, the reasons I don't share everything is because, in reality how many yellow painted china cabinets can I blog about, I have painted more than one, for me it becomes repetitive and boring.  I am not saying I don't love what I do, but at times I get bored.

You might think I am negative, but I like to think I am just keeping it real.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Flowers

Today is about flowers.....I am have always loved to garden, last year around this time I completely neglected my gardens, I never pruned or fed my roses, I let the weeds take over, I let the furniture take over and for that my yard looked like crap last year.  Well this year I decided to simplify my gardens, I got rid of all the gardens I had in the back yard, it was too much maintenance and I followed a rule my friend gave me, an hour a day for my garden.  I can manage that.

I went outside today and took some pictures of my flowers, before the torrential downpours start.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Painting on Sheet Music: Artist Before Furniture

If you look at my blog title, under Queen of Chairs, the first word I have listed is Artist.  That is there for a reason. I love to paint, I get in a zone, like the world around me is silent, and the only thing I can hear are the ideas in my head.

I paint a lot of furniture, and it is fun being creative on a larger scale, but at the same time it can be exhausting.  I decided that I was going to spend an hour a couple times a week painting pictures.  For me it releases stress, it gives me confidence, knowing that I have an ability to create something that not everyone can do, it inspires me to push my creativity to new heights.

So, I decided to share some of my paintings that I have done in my hour time slot over the past couple of weeks.

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